A strong and efficient supply chain is the “life blood” of industry. Avoiding supply chain interruptions and improving the  probability of increased quality and reliability can be the difference between being the preferred product or service or just another competitor. A strong supply chain provides you with an opportunity to leverage procurement strength to reduce cost and supplier risk, to ensure schedule execution and reduce time to market, increasing your competitive advantage. The DSA℠ Business Development Ecosystem provides
your company with front end alignment between suppliers and users to ensure that supplier’s capabilities match your product or service requirements, meet your production or process demands, can capitalize on sustainability benefits and compliance, and provide enhanced flexibility for increased customer value.

DSA, Inc. can provide your early stage product or service with the infrastructure it needs to realize
its full market potential.  The DSA℠ Business Development Ecosystem Model was created to foster public, private collaboration designed to accelerate the commercialization of products and services and build regional supply chain network aligned to supply the emerging foreign and domestic market demands for clean and sustainability technology and processes.  DSA, Inc. offers the following services to create customize business development and growth strategies leveraging your product or services’ strengths and successes to accelerate growth and create a profitable and sustainable business.

A fully operational supply chain is a key milestone on your company’s development curve. How it is managed will determine if the trajectory trends up or down. When success is the only option, DSA offers full service supply chain monitoring and management services designed to ensure optimum supplier performance. The DSA Ecosystem Model provides subcontract assessment and management services to create and validate detailed subcontractor programs and schedules focused on achieving critical path milestones and deliverables.  DSA provides technical/quality/subcontract management resources to negotiate and structure mutual understanding of obligations agreements, develop clear and unambiguous requirements, provide continuous product and supplier development and risk management and monitor agreed upon performance metrics.

As your company grows and your products or services gains market share, the need to expand operating capacity will likely include the need for additional infrastructure and facilities. DSAs’ Ecosystem Model supports that growth providing access to regional, national and international expertise needed to identify, procure and commission the facility you need to meet your operational, regulatory, geographic and strategic real estate needs. Whether it’s new construction, existing or co-operative agreements, DSA, Inc. commercial real estate partners will ensure you have the space you need to succeed. 

From the very beginning DSA will work with your team to understand design of the product or service in evaluating current and future supply chain challenges. Cost
drivers for required materials will be analyzed and a “should cost” price model will be developed .The current or proposed manufacturing processes will be mapped identifying the value stream utilized in analyzing and assessing weaknesses throughout supply
chain from design,  through consumer use. Following “Cradle to Cradle” planning, DSA then identifies operational synergies and engages potential suppliers and distribution network partners to facilitate the fully aligned infrastructure your product needs to succeed in your market.

The DSA Business and Workforce Development Ecosystem Model offers consulting services that will facilitate the collaboration of Industry, Government, and Education to accelerate the growth of your clean technology product or service.

DSA will employ all its services to build the assets and support systems your early stage product or service need to improve the pre-money valuation of your business plan and non-cash assets. In support of that development, DSA’s  finance partners will provide your company with access to financial networks  and the tools, resources and practical advice on what Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists , Strategic Partners and other Private Equity organizations look for in investment opportunities raising  the probability of raising capital for your venture.